Industrial Filtration technologies improved through plasma treatment

Industrial Filtration technologies improved through plasma treatment

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Plasma treatment of filter media

Walker Filtration specialise in the design and manufacture of a wide range of industrial air filtration and drying technologies from compressed air filters, vacuum pump filtration and medical sterile filters to laser smoke evacuators.

Our plasma treatment equipment is used for high throughput surface modification of several important product lines where they deliver specific, value enhancing surface properties for a number of key application areas.

Plasma Treatment of Filter Media

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Plasma coatings onto filter media can be either hydrophobic or hydrophilic depending upon the application.

When hydrophobic coatings are applied, water and other liquids simply bead up and roll off the surface. When hydrophilic coatings are applied, the surface area becomes totally wettable. The coatings are permanently bound to the surface and are so thin that there is no discernable change in filter efficiency characteristics. They can be applied to finished product or roll-to-roll coated as required. As well as providing enhanced functionality, plasma deposition onto filtration media significantly enhances the commercial value of the product and in many cases allows the media to perform well beyond its intended characteristics.

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