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Case Studies

Reliable Wire Bonding Treatments

Pacer - Solid State Supplies


The Solid State Supplies design and manufacturing facility in Weymouth offers an end-to-end solution for optoelectronic and display assemblies, here we discuss how they have incorporated the Henniker HPT-300 system into their daily wire bonding production process.

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Plasma cleaning for the study of biomaterials

Plasma cleaning to improve coating & adhesion.

ZUT logo

The Henniker HPT-100 benchtop plasma system is being put to good use within the Department of Polymer and Biomaterials Science at the West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin (ZUT) where Dr Peter Sobolewski and his colleagues are working in the area of polymeric biomaterials.

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Plasma surface cleaning of lenses

Plasma cleaning for Quality Assurance

Plasma Cleaning of Optics & Lenses - Hoya lens logo

Hoya Lens has had a presence in the UK for over 30 years in which time they have brought some of the best quality lens materials to the UK optical market. The main challenge here was to identify suitable plasma cleaner parameters for the delicate lens materials, read on to see how we worked together to solve the issues faced by Hoya.

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Plasma surface activation of PEEK

Surface Functionalisation

Plasma surface activation of PEEK - vention medical logo case study

Vention Medical is a globally integrated solutions partner for the design, engineering and manufacturing of complex medical devices and components. Read about the work completed to activate the PEEK surface of medical devices to improve the PAD printing process enabling complete print adhesion.

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Plasma cleaning for UHV applications: particle accelerators

Hyper-clean Surfaces

daresbury labs logo

UHV critical components, such as those used extensively in surface science laboratories and particle accelerators, are required to meet strict cleanliness criteria of which pre-installation cleaning is an important step. Daresbury Laboratory based in the UK and a centre for worldwide particle accelerator technology, approached Henniker Plasma to look at the potential of oxygen plasma cleaning as part of the stringent pre-cleaning process.

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Surface activation and cleaning

Activation of Surfaces for Biomedical Applications

Surface activation and cleaning  - qmul logo

Biomaterials are any material, surface or matter that forms a boundary to, and interacts with a biological system and as such they are frequently developed, used and adapted for novel medical applications. Our plasma treatment systems play a key enabling role in this exciting field of research, as discussed below by Dr Julien Gautrot.

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Plasma Polymerised MEMS devices for Blood Analysis

Thin-Film Layers for Fast Diagnostics

microvisk logo

Functional thin film layers, such as those that can be manufactured using plasma deposition techniques, are central in many microelectronics technologies. Microvisk are developing these techniques in the production of new diagnostic devices for point of care blood clotting test devices, the extremely hydrophilic surface of the sensor ensuring that even when using a tiny drop of blood, the viscosity can be accurately defined.

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See what our customers have to say

  • "The technical team at Henniker are very knowledgeable and supportive and always approachable. I have found it a pleasure to work with them."

    Simon Baxter - BAE Systems, MAI

  • "Henniker guided us to choose the most suitable plasma unit for our application, ensured an accelerated delivery time & guided us through the very easy setup. We obtained quality results with their unit within minutes of setup & consistent results thereafter. The support they have provided has been rapid and helpful."

    Dr Ravi Desai - Making Lab, Francis Crick Institute

    Francis Crick Institute
  • "Henniker provided our team with excellent service during the course of our work together, the plasma cleaner arrived quickly and was installed with ease, giving us visible results from the outset and confirming that we made the right decision in choosing a local UK manufacturer."

    Dr Panagiotis Manesiotis BSc MRSC - Queen’s University Belfast

    Queens Uni Belfast
  • "Our customers and operations demand reliability at every level and were a key factor in our decision to choose a UK based manufacturer of plasma treatment equipment."

    Tom Doak - Trak Microwave

    Queens Uni Belfast
  • "Henniker’s after sales support is first class. They have always been extremely responsive if we have ever had need to call on them."

    Steve Rackham - Teledyne

  • "Henniker’s plasma systems have delivered tangible benefits to us right from day one. The team there are very easy to work with."

    Ian Bruce - Coopervision

  • "Henniker really stood out, both in their product range and technical knowledge. They are a great company to work with."

    Karthik Nair - University of Bradford

    University of Bradford
  • "We are very impressed with the ease of use and reliability of our plasma unit and were producing results within minutes of setting it up."

    Dr Neil Wilson - Warwick University

    Warwick University
  • "Our collaborative work with the team at Henniker was a very positive experience and one that we look forward to developing further."

    Ewen Kellar - TWI

  • "Henniker provided a tailored product to match our exact requirements. They are a pleasure to work with."

    Dr Will Shu - Heriot Watt University

    Heriot Watt University

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