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Plasma Treatment Technology Explained

What is Plasma Treatment Technology?
The first in a series of videos about plasma treatment technology, this video explains what plasma treatment technology is and what it can do.

Surface Energy and Adhesion

Adhesion and Surface Energy Explained.
The second in our series of videos about plasma treatment technology, this video explains what Surface Energy is and why it is so important to consider when using plasma treatment technology.

Plasma Cleaning Explained

Plasma Cleaning Explained.
The third in our series of videos about plasma treatment technology, this video explains how plasma cleaning works and which systems can provide the best quality treatments.

Plasma Surface Activation Explained

Plasma Surface Activation Explained.
The fourth in our series of videos about plasma treatment technology, this video explains how plasma surface activation works and the results you can achieve.

Plasma Coatings Explained

Plasma Coatings Explained.
The fifth in our series of videos about plasma treatment technology, this video explains how plasma coatings work and the results you can achieve.

Plasma Etching Explained

Plasma Etching Explained.
The final video in our series on plasma treatment technology, this video explains how plasma surface etching works.

Plasma cleaning, ashing, and descum of photoresist on silicon wafers

Plasma cleaning is a simple, fast and inherently clean alternative wafer preparation treatment. Oxygen plasma generates UV light together with reactive oxygen species which are extremely effective at the removal of both organic contamination and also complete PR layers. Both cleaning and PR removal are performed in the same equipment under the same conditions, with only the time of exposure to the oxygen plasma being varied.

Henniker Plasma Enhancing Research Capabilities at The Bridge with the TEM Plasma Cleaner

Recognising the need for a robust and reliable sample preparation technique, The Bridge approached Henniker Plasma. The HPT-100 TEM plasma cleaner, which features a re-entrant style sample introduction adapter, precise control at low powers for delicate samples such as holey carbon grids, and a simple touch-screen user interface with multiple recipe store, was chosen.

Plasma activated water is an emerging technology in food, agricultural & biomedical industries. In this short video we use Henniker's Cirrus plasma to make PAW. Witness its effectiveness through a captivating timelapse of cut roses.

Plasma Treatment in the Automotive Industry

Plasma treatment equipment and plasma surface treatment processes are used to improve the adhesion of a wide range of interior and exterior automotive parts without the heat issues that can be common with flame treaters. Both in-line and vacuum plasma systems are effectively deployed to increase the surface wettability of common materials such as ABS, LGF-PP and PC amongst others. Henniker is recognised as a leader in the field having worked with many leading suppliers both in the UK and overseas to deliver on-time and in-budget plasma systems for almost every common automotive manufacturing task.

Ensuring Adhesion Reliability for UK Based Foam Sealing Specialist

To ensure the adhesion reliability of the foam seals, Robafoam uses Henniker’s Cirrus atmospheric plasma system. This system creates a plasma jet that treats the sealing surface before the foam is applied. The plasma jet cleans and activates the surface, making it more suitable for foam bonding. The plasma treatment improves the quality and durability of the adhesive bond between the foam and the surface.

Comparing Atmospheric and Low Pressure Plasma to Promote Adhesion.

In this video we compare the effectiveness of atmospheric plasma and low pressure plasma to promote adhesion.

Plasma Surface Treatment for Dental Applications

Plasma surface treatment of dental prosthetic structures (implant posts for example) has, for over a decade, been demonstrated to remove contamination and increase wettability which results in stronger bonding over the long-term.

Henniker Plasma - Atmospheric Plasma Robot

Atmospheric plasma treatment is ideal for in-line processing & very effective at activating and cleaning the surface of a material, increasing the adhesion characteristics and making it easier to bond, paint and glue. Henniker's atmospheric plasma surface treatment systems can be integrated with a 3-axis robot to follow precise treatment patterns as part of an automated process..

Hydrophobic Coatings

Permanent hydrophobic surfaces are rapidly finding new applications all the time. Liquid repellent coatings currently enhance products in the textile, medical device, ophthalmic and consumer electronics industries to name but a few.

Contract Plasma Treatment Services

Contract treatment is a cost-effective way of tapping into the unique benefits of plasma technology. Our plasma treatment and testing facility is equipped with a comprehensive range of plasma treatment equipment for cleaning, surface activation, coating and etching. Both vacuum and in-line atmospheric plasma treatments are available for with fast turnaround times to suit.

Reliable Wire Bonding Treatment

The Solid State Supplies design and manufacturing facility in Weymouth offers an end-to-end solution for optoelectronic and display assemblies. The team uses a Henniker Plasma HPT-300 microprocessor-controlled benchtop plasma treatment system. Plasma cleaning is regarded as something of an industry standard for wire bonding, and the HPT-300 was chosen for its reliability and ability to clean a wide range of materials including polymers, metals, glass and ceramics. Wire bond failure rates have been extremely low while the Henniker Plasma cleaner has been in operation at Solid State. See the Plasma Cleaner in action here!

Plasma Treatment for lab-on-a-chip fabrication of microfluidic devices

An important group of devices is formed by bonding PDMS to patterned glass substrates. The following short video shows how simple it is to implement a reliable and repeatable PDMS bonding protocol using the Henniker HPT bench-top plasma systems.

Henniker Plasma: Atmospheric plasma treatment in the Automotive Industry

The Henniker Cirrus Atmospheric Plasma System displays localized plasma cleaning to give improved adhesion in the automotive industry. The surface is cleaned prior to the glueing step, in order to ensure a failure-free bond.

Henniker Plasma Treatment to Improve Adhesion

Henniker Plasma demonstrates how easy it is to use the HPT system to plasma treat an inherently difficult to bond to the surface to improve adhesion and wettability characteristics.

Atmospheric Plasma Treatment to Improve Adhesion

Atmospheric plasma treatment is used to clean the surface of metals, in this case aluminium, where the efficient removal of hydrocarbon contamination leads to improved wettability and adhesion. Atmospheric plasma treatment is suitable for metals, glass, ceramics, composites and a wide range of engineering polymers.

Adhesion Grid Cut Test

The adhesion grid cut test is used to demonstrate the improvement in paint adhesion following plasma treatment.

Henniker Plasma Automation and Atmospheric Plasma Treatment

Automated atmospheric plasma treatment with 3 axis robot. In this example plasma surface activation of a 200mm x 200mm natural fibre composite panel.

Atmospheric Plasma Torch

Atmospheric plasma torch for the local pretreatment (cleaning, surface activation) of different materials. In this case Automotive parts in an assembly line.

Hydrophobic Plasma Treatment

An example of a material that has been treated with a hydrophobic plasma treatment to render it water repellent.

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  • "The technical team at Henniker are very knowledgeable and supportive and always approachable. I have found it a pleasure to work with them."

    Simon Baxter - BAE Systems, MAI

  • "Henniker guided us to choose the most suitable plasma unit for our application, ensured an accelerated delivery time & guided us through the very easy setup. We obtained quality results with their unit within minutes of setup & consistent results thereafter. The support they have provided has been rapid and helpful."

    Dr Ravi Desai - Making Lab, Francis Crick Institute

    Francis Crick Institute
  • "Henniker provided our team with excellent service during the course of our work together, the plasma cleaner arrived quickly and was installed with ease, giving us visible results from the outset and confirming that we made the right decision in choosing a local UK manufacturer."

    Dr Panagiotis Manesiotis BSc MRSC - Queen’s University Belfast

    Queens Uni Belfast
  • "Our customers and operations demand reliability at every level and were a key factor in our decision to choose a UK based manufacturer of plasma treatment equipment."

    Tom Doak - Trak Microwave

    Queens Uni Belfast
  • "Henniker’s after sales support is first class. They have always been extremely responsive if we have ever had need to call on them."

    Steve Rackham - Teledyne

  • "Henniker’s plasma systems have delivered tangible benefits to us right from day one. The team there are very easy to work with."

    Ian Bruce - Coopervision

  • "Henniker really stood out, both in their product range and technical knowledge. They are a great company to work with."

    Karthik Nair - University of Bradford

    University of Bradford
  • "We are very impressed with the ease of use and reliability of our plasma unit and were producing results within minutes of setting it up."

    Dr Neil Wilson - Warwick University

    Warwick University
  • "Our collaborative work with the team at Henniker was a very positive experience and one that we look forward to developing further."

    Ewen Kellar - TWI

  • "Henniker provided a tailored product to match our exact requirements. They are a pleasure to work with."

    Dr Will Shu - Heriot Watt University

    Heriot Watt University

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