The Francis Crick Institute, Making Lab

Henniker Plasma Technology supporting research at the Innovative Life Science Research Lab

The Making Lab Science Technology Platform (STP) at The Francis Crick Institute brings together life science research into the construction and use of devices such as microfabricated instruments to control biological systems, microfluidics to move and manipulate the fluid environment, micro-contacting printing to precisely control cell-substrate interactions, sensors to measure biological activities and devices aiding biomedical imaging.

 Dr. Desai’s group are positioned to lead a global trend in biology that is enabling the move toward low-cost iterative design of instruments and equipment which are tailor-made for individual groups and experiments. The lab provides researchers with the tools, expertise and training needed to make devices to aid their work as well as  a forum to share expertise. Henniker Plasma’s HPT model plasma surface treatment system was recently installed to provide a robust and proven tool for reliable bonding of PDMS to various substrates in the fabrication of microfluidic devices.

“Henniker guided us to choose the most suitable plasma unit for our application, ensured an accelerated delivery time & guided us through the very easy setup. We obtained quality results with their unit within minutes of setup & consistent results thereafter. The support they have provided has been rapid and helpful.”

Dr Ravi Desai, Making Lab, The Francis Crick Institute

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