Developing the Next Generation of Flax-Based Composites

Developing the Next Generation of Flax-Based Composites


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UK-BIOCOMP: Developing the Next Generation of Flax-Based Composites – Henniker Plasma Treatment

The UK-BIOCOMP project has developed high performance flax tapes and fabrics for the manufacture of both thermoplastic and thermoset composites for use in the sporting goods and automotive markets.
The project is being led by NetComposites in collaboration with the following partners:

  • Axon Automotive
  • Formax
  • Henniker Plasma
  • Tilsatec
  • University of Hertfordshire

The partners in the UK-BIOCOMP project have developed an innovative family of reinforcement products based on highly aligned natural flax fibres. The new reinforcements, which offer a unique combination of low weight, good vibration damping and sustainability, are targeted at applications in the automotive and sporting goods sectors.

Compared to existing woven flax reinforcements, these next generation materials have improved mechanical properties whilst being lower cost. The high performance flax reinforcements can be supplied as tapes in widths of up to 170 mm, or as full-width non-crimp fabrics. They can also be supplied blended with a high ratio of thermoplastic fibres for direct consolidation.

Ongoing developments include the use of plasma treatment for further property improvement, and the development of demonstrator components.

For more information about the UK-BIOCOMP project please contact us directly.

The CiC UK-BIOCOMP Project website

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