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 Atmospheric Plasma Treatment System On Offer Now! –  our Autumn Promotion

Atmospheric Offer Henniker Plasma Treatment Sept 16

Now on offer until the end of November 2016 only £7990!

Henniker are pleased to announce the Autumn Promotion of the Cirrus, it’s newest Atmospheric Plasma Treatment System which solves a number of manufacturing issues associated with poor adhesion. Designed, manufactured and supported in the UK, the Cirrus is ideally suited to surface activation and cleaning of a wide range of materials including polymers, metals, glass and ceramics.

The Cirrus is extremely simple to operate via the front panel soft-keypad and can also be interfaced with external control equipment using the rear panel Sub-D connector providing a variety of I/O control inputs and status read-back to ensure seamless operation with production lines or robot cells.

Henniker's Cirrus and Nimbus Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Equipment Range

Supplied from a standard single-phase electrical outlet, the Cirrus only requires compressed air for operation. The compact controller features an interlocked airflow regulation unit as standard so that no other ancillary equipment is required. The Cirrus addresses a range of specific material treatments including;

  • Plasma cleaning
  • Plasma surface activation to improve adhesion
  • PEEK & other engineering polyemrs
  • PCBs
  • Metals
  • Ceramics
  • Glass

The images below show increased wettability on metal and polymer samples following plasma treatment;

An atmospherically plasma treated piece of metal  An atmospherically plasma treated piece of plastic

Metal Sample                                                                                                    Polymer Sample

Autumn Promotion of the Cirrus details
(Offer valid until 30th November 2016)

Simply click the contact us button below to be taken directly to the contact page to request your Cirrus quotation valid until 30th November 2016.

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“Our customers and operations demand reliability at every level and were a key factor in our decision to choose a UK based manufacturer of plasma treatment equipment.”

Tom Doak, Trak Microwave
 Improve your process – Benefits of plasma treatment
  • High value-added property to products
  • Improves surface preparation
  • Improve adhesion
  • Hyper-clean surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly technique
  • Making parts easier to bond, glue, print and paint
  • Treats 3D objects
  • Treat glass, metals, ceramics and engineering polymers
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