Atmospheric Plasma Applicators

Cirrus and Nimbus

The Cirrus and Nimbus atmospheric plasma torches are widely used to increase the surface energy of hard to bond materials, improving the wettability and adhesion characteristics. The compact standalone instruments deliver a continuous plume/s of active plasma gas to the surface and can easily be integrated with assembly/production lines with or without robot handling.


The functionality of the Cirrus and Nimbus has been extended by the introduction of three new application specific nozzle attachments. These are user replaceable and can be supplied with a new system order or for retro-fitting to any existing system.

APPLcations include

  • Plastic cards and loyalty cards prior to printing
  • Fabric and textiles pre-treatments
  • Activation of plastic parts prior to gluing
  • Automotive parts prior to painting
  • Ultra-fine cleaning of medical plastics




The ‘Mode’ nozzle is standard and
suits 95% of all plasma pre-treatment applications

Plasma Treatment Applicator Mode



Our ‘Finite’ nozzle is best suited to confined areas or where a longer reach is needed,
for example when treating channels or spaces between components.

Plasma Treatment Applicator Finite



The ‘Scope’ nozzle produces a ‘curtain plume’ suitable for wider
treatment areas and where multiple passes are not practical.

Plasma Treatment Applicator Scope



Our atmospheric plasma solutions are manufactured in the UK and supplied worldwide where they solve many of the problems associated with poor adhesion caused by low surface energy materials.

See our atmospheric range of products here


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