Surface Silicone Contamination Test Kit

Silicone contamination of surfaces poses a real problem in many manufacturing steps. Silicones can be present due to mould release agents or simply from leeching from ‘clean’ packaging, resulting in poor adhesion and bonding characteristics.

Our surface silicone contamination test kit is a convenient method to determine the presence of silicones . Supplied in a handy case, the kit contains everything needed to perform a simple test for surface contamination by silicones.

test kit contains:

  • Wash solvent
  • Mineral glass slides
  • Over-spray
  • Padded carry case

Plasma cleaning to remove silicone contamination

An image of our UK Manufactured Henniker Plasma Treatment Equipment - HPT-100

If you need further information on removing silicones from a surface then look no further! We have a range of UK manufactured plasma treatment equipment. Plasma technology works on a molecular level to remove separating agents (also silicone and oils) from the surface area of many materials. For more information on plasma cleaning visit our plasma technology section or take a look at our plasma cleaners themselves here.