UK Electronics and Photonics Innovation Centre (EPIC) invest in Henniker Plasma Technology

Press Release HPP0821 | 08/01/2019 | Henniker Plasma Collaboration News | For immediate release

UK Electronics & Photonics Innovation Centre EPIc invest in henniker Plasma Treatment Technology.

The EPIC Centre, built to serve the Electronics and Photonics industry, recently acquired an advanced plasma treatment system from UK based manufacturer Henniker Plasma.

The newly opened Centre, based in Torbay UK – the home of an established photonics and microelectronics cluster, aims to serve current and future users wishing to draw on its innovative facilities providing them with the opportunity to expand their capabilities through investment in modern technological advances.

Henniker plasma – EPIC partnerships

henniker-plasma-treatment-system  An image of our UK Manufactured Henniker Plasma Cleaning Equipment - HPT-100

Henniker Plasma, an established leading UK manufacturer of plasma treatment systems, were approached by EPIC to provide them with a plasma technology solution.

Wayne Loschi, EPIC Centre Director, explains why they felt the acquisition of a Henniker System would best serve their current users and in addition attract more tech businesses to the region;

“Historically Henniker has worked with numerous academic institutes and industrial companies to develop processes from inception to completion, making them the ideal candidate.”
Wayne Loschi, EPIC Centre Director.

Henniker’s successes as a provider of plasma technology are built around an exceptional body of knowledge and expertise in surface engineering for cleaning, activation and coating applications.

“Henniker welcomed the opportunity to provide the Centre with the HPT-200 plasma treatment system, hoping to widen not only EPIC’s capabilities but in turn increase awareness of the technology.”
Gill Bolton Marketing & Comms Manager, Henniker Plasma.

Plasma Technology explained

Plasma technology has been an important production tool for more than 30 years in the fabrication of microelectronic devices. Over this period, the technology has also permeated a much broader range of industries including automotive, medical device, textiles, and aerospace to name but a few.

Plasma treatments are used to alter the surface properties of a wide range of materials to make them easier to bond, glue, and paint. By treating parts, they both clean and activate the surface, improving their adhesion characteristics.

Today Henniker plasma technology is routinely used in academic institutes and industrial partners across the UK and is evolving into a global brand.

Future endeavours

Both parties look forward to the opportunities this collaboration will bring to the Electronics and Photonics UK Community.


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