Semiconductor Device and Research company installs a third plasma etching system

Plasma etching system

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Tyndall National Institute choose our benchtop etching system for its compound semiconductor fabrication facility. This is the third system installed in the facility in the past three years and will be routinely used for processing of a wide range of optoelectronic materials.

Plasma Etching

 Plasma surface etching is a type of plasma treatment used to increase the surface area of a material on the microscopic scale. The surface of the component is etched with a reactive process gas.

Material from the surface is etched away, converted to the gas phase and removed by the vacuum system. The surface area is greatly increased, raising the surface energy and making the material easily wettable. Plasma surface etching is used before printing, gluing and painting and is particularly useful for processing of e.g. POM and PTFE, which cannot otherwise be printed on or bonded without the use of aggressive chemicals.

Plasma surface Etching Effects


Untreated PTFE Surface
Untreated PTFE surface
Plasma Etched PTFE surface
Plasma etched PTFE surface

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