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Henniker’s home-grown plasma treatment technology

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This month’s Materials & Manufacturing Technologies’ magazine includes a  focus on our home-grown UK manufactured plasma technology. The article includes an introduction to plasma treatment within the UK manufacturing field. To read the full article either scroll below or click the link to be re-directed to the original publication.

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Plasma in the UK

An illustration to show how Henniker Plasma illustration to show how we are at the centre of the UK's plasma technology industry

Plasma treatment has become a very broad field as the number of materials and range of surface properties has increased. Plasmas are routinely used to produce ultra-clean surfaces and to activate surfaces prior to bonding, a technique which is on the increase in motorsports for example where improved mechanical properties are achieved by through increased lap-shear strength. 

Plasmas can also impart specific functionality onto surfaces where they are delivering benefits to medical fabrications such as point of care devices requiring immediately wettable surfaces that can only be achieved by depositing nano-scale plasma polymers.

Plasma have a number of unique properties that have led to such widespread application. They are able to treat complex 3D objects, are environmentally friendly and can deliver very specific and uniquely tailored surface property modifications at very low temperatures.

The feedstock is typically made up of only one or two substances, helping to minimise or even completely eradicate, residues that could later become the source of problems.

In its UK development and manufacturing headquarters, Henniker combines state of the art plasma treatment equipment with comprehensive surface testing facilities. Highly trained and dedicated staff with years of practical experience in plasma and surface testing techniques are on hand to assist new and existing clients with free proof of concept trials, application support and process development services.

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