Oxygen Plasma Ashing for successful preparation of samples

Oxygen Plasma Ashing for successful preparation of samples by Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry

Stable isotope ratio measurements, performed by mass spectrometry, can provide accurate information in a number of geoscience applications, including the reconstruction of past glacial/interglacial temperature variations for example.

One of the most common problems in stable isotopic measurements is the presence of hydrocarbon (e.g. bitumen) and adhering organic material. Effective removal of this hydrocarbon material needs to be accomplished by a method which in turn does not itself also alter the initial isotopic composition.

Oxygen plasma ashing can be employed for this purpose but care is needed to ensure that the initial isotopic composition is retained.

Recently published work from Imperial College London using the Henniker HPT-100 demonstrated the routine preparation of geological samples without altering the initial isotopic composition and provided the conditions and methods by which this should be undertaken.

Please find the abstract below;

Effects of Oxygen Plasma Ashing treatment on Carbonate Clumped Isotopes

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