Optoelectronics advancement through plasma treatment

Optoelectronics advancement through plasma treatment

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PRP Optoelectronics is a specialist manufacturer of high quality LED-based systems for the most demanding applications in the military and commercial avionics, industrial and medical sectors. PRP’s products are able to meet the most stringent levels of reliability and lifetime, even when operating in adverse environments.

Our plasma treatment units are currently used to improve the bonding of wires on critical instrument assemblies, leading to a significant reduction in failure rates.

Improving adhesion through plasma treatment

A scientific illustration of a contaminated part during plasma surface activation

Plasma surface activation is effective at altering the surface of a polymer by attaching polar or functional groups to it. Many polymers, in particular polyolefins such as polyethylene and polypropylene, are chemically inert and cannot bond easily to other materials, displaying poor adhesion with inks, paint and glues. The reason for this is the absence of polar and reactive functional groups in their structure.

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