Henniker to supply research plasma systems for super-hydrophobic coatings at Imperial College London

Plasma systems for super-hydrophobic coatings

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Henniker are delighted to announce that it has been chosen to supply one of its research plasma systems for super-hydrophobic coatings to Professor Anthony Kucernak’s group in the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London.

Professor Kucernak has over fifteen years of experience in the development of new catalysts and characterisation techniques for low temperature fuel cells and has published more than seventy peer reviewed papers on different aspects of electrochemical energy systems.

His work on catalysts for fuel cells includes novel methods for rapidly screening catalysts under realistic fuel cell operating conditions; the study of individual catalyst particles and the modification of surface composition to probe the fundamentals of electrocatalysis.

Terry Whitmore, Henniker’s Managing Director writes;


“It’s an honour to be associated with such a prestigious research group and reinforces our commitment to supporting research into the development of new materials using advanced plasma techniques.”

  Hydrophobic Coatings Technology

Hydrophobic plasma coatings are a sub-category of plasma surface functionalisation, the specific precursor being chosen to produce a permanent, low surface energy layer on the material or part being treated. The hydrophobic surface is typically less than 1/100th thickness of a human hair, colourless, odourless and doesn’t affect the look or feel of the material in any way.

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