Henniker Plasma product news – Nebula Advanced Plasma System

‘Nebula’ Advanced Plasma Treatment System


The Henniker Plasma Treatment range, which is manufactured in the UK and supplied globally, has been further enhanced by the recent release of the ‘Nebula’ advanced plasma system.

Henniker’s plasma surface treatment technologies transform difficult to bond materials via nano-scale removal of organic contamination and by activating the surface, thereby increasing the material’s surface energy and allowing adhesives, paint and printing inks to attach more easily.

The Nebula features a large 150 litre capacity internal treatment volume that can be configured with several parts loading schemes, including a rotary drum option, and operates under industrial standard PLC control. The newly developed Portals user application provides sophisticated, recipe driven process options together with privilege level user access for unattended operation. This combination of advanced features addresses the needs of industrial and research customers alike.

A unique feature of the Nebula is the addition of an optional monomer dosing inlet. This is a fully automated device for the introduction of a wide range of liquid monomers to produce permanently functionalised surfaces via plasma polymerisation, greatly extending the range of plasma surface treatment possibilities from a single machine.

Henniker’s plasma processes solve problems in a wide range of industries where high performance material properties are required, including aerospace, automotive and medical device manufacture.


  • Gas and monomer inlets allowing enhanced surface engineering
  • Internal electrode combinations to suit all different type sand shapes of parts
  • PLC Control
  • User access permissions for unattended operation
  • Fully automated, recipe driven processes
  • Unlimited recipes and steps per recipe
  • Fast treatment times
  • 50L – 150L chamber volumes
  • Horizontal, vertical and rotating drum parts shelf options
  • No hazardous emissions
  • Precise and repeatable
  • Compact standalone unit


See our full nebula product specification here

Or download our product overview here


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