Application Highlight: plasma treatment to improve paint/print adhesion

Plasma Treatment Prior to Printing/Painting

Plasma treatment of polymer and composite materials, which are widely used in automotive and aerospace industries, produce superior paint finishes and significant improvement in paint adhesion.

Available treatments can be applied in both batch-plasma and atmospheric in-line plasma cases and often remove the need for tedious mechanical abrasion and other preparations. We have delivered many plasma solutions to improve paint adhesion from small bench-top units to very fast cycle industrial scale paint plant solutions. We also offer a wide range of surface test methods for comparison of pre- and post-plasma treated parts.

Grid cut test

These two examples of Grid test cut methods below; (DIN EN ISO 2409) clearly demonstrate the enhanced bonding of paint (right image) on plasma activated surfaces after treatment.

                                  Untreated surface                                                                    Plasma treated surface

Grid cut test of a plastic spray painted sample prior to plasma treatmentGrid cut test of a plastic spray painted sample after plasma treatment - displaying improved paint adhesion


  • Atmospheric Plasma Treatment to improve ink adhesion
  • Effective treatment of a wide range of engineering plastics
  • Treatment of complex 3D objects
  • Typically 2-fold to 10-fold improvement in peel-strength
  • Localised plasma treatment without masking replaces surface abrasion pre-treatments

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