Plasma Cleaning of O-rings

Systems and services for PWIS-free plasma cleaning of o-rings and seals.

Many o-ring and seal applications have strict requirements that components are free of any paint wetting impairment substances (PWIS), such as silicones. This applies to painting and coating processes as well as lacquering applications and also some printed circuit board fabrication where critical wire bond tasks are carried out.

Elastomeric materials contain a number of paint wetting impairment substances which are not removed using traditional wet methods alone. Softeners and release agents can migrate from the body of the elastomer to the surface, causing subsequent, costly quality issues. Our plasma cleaning process is developed specifically to ensure PWIS-free components and in which plasma cleaned o-rings conform to the automotive standard (Volkswagen test specification PV 3.10.7).

PLASMA cleaning: PWIS-free o-rings & seals
  • Plasma cleaning to remove impediments to painting and lacquering
  • Detection & removal of silicone contamination
  • Improve adhesion to a wide range of plastics
  • Increase surface wettability of all polymer materials