ForceBoard™ force tester

ForceBoard™ is a unique and versatile desktop force tester used as a friction tester, adhesion tester, tensile tester,  push/pull tester, tactile friction tester, torque tester, impact tester and more.

ForceBoard™ force tester has several key advantages: it is modularized, versatile, very easy to use, portable(4.4lb), USB powered, has expandable Windows software, has a unique built in self-calibration feature and has an excellent performance to price ratio.


  • Adhesion testing
  • Friction testing
  • Tactile friction & skin tribology
  • Tensile tester
  • Push/pull
  • Material Flexibility
  • Torque


Adhesion TestingForceboard - Adhesion testing mode

ForceBoard™ is a dynamic 2-dimensional continuous force tester that can measure both upward and downward forces as well as +/- horizontal forces, which means that adhesive forces can be measured very easily.

Use ForceBoard™ to measure adhesive strength of tapes, Velcro, adhesives, paint or coatings. ForceBoard can measure adhesive forces both vertically and horizontally or at 45-degrees.

When measuring vertical adhesive forces, ForceBoard™ it has a unique motion follow feature so that the vertically oriented adhesive force stays in the same longitudinal position while using the motorized control arm to pull the test object (for example a piece of tape).


Friction Testing

Forceboard - Friction testing mode

Static and dynamic friction regularly occurs as important parameters in product development and many areas of engineering, manufacturing and research.


No matter if you need study static, dynamic or the transition between static and dynamic (often referred to as stiction or stick/slip) ForceBoard delivers accurate and repeatable results for the widest range of materials.


Tactile friction & Skin tribology

Forceboard - Tactile friction mode

Place a surface/object on the ForceBoard™ and swipe your finger over it to objectively measure and record what the surface feels like via the friction and normal forces.

Tactility and tactile friction is a rapidly growing branch of product development and ForceBoard™ is unique in being the only turnkey tactile friction tester in the world. Together with the ForceBoard™ motor’s displacement sensor and the ring  probe it is even even log the position and speed of a finger, even in a free motion state.


Tensile tester

Forceboard - Tensile testing mode

ForceBoard™ is the world’s first USB powered and portable tensile tester for desktop use.

As long as the maximum force in does not exceed +/- 50N, the ForceBoard™ can do exactly what a tensile tester / universal testing machine does, including tensile modulus, bending modulus and tensile strength testing.



Forceboard - Push pull mode

ForceBoard™ can be used to study general push or pull forces on components like switches and button forces in mobile phones and can also be used to measure the elasticity in rubber like materials.

For example, just place the product or component onto the mounting plate of the ForceBoard™ and push or pull on it by hand or via the ForceBoard™ motor and study the forces needed to activate a particular device interface.


Material Flexibility

Forceboard - Material flexibility test mode

ForceBoard™ can easily be used as a miniature tensile tester (for forces below +/-50N) allowing you to conduct a wide range of physics and material experiments just like you would in a standard tensile tester.

ForceBoard™ measures both force in x/y and deflection via the motor’s position sensor.

An example test is the three point flexural test to measure the flexural modulus (also called bending modulus) of plastic or metal components. Place the test object in the three point flex fixture and use the motor and push probe to deform thecomponent and automatically measure the flexural modulus. Several tests can be conducted and the results appended to the same results file, for example to study what happens to the hysteresis in the force vs displacement curve of a test sample during repeated testing.



Forceboard - Torque testing mode

ForceBoard™ can easily be used as a torque tester. Just enter the length of the lever-arm and measure the torque in newton-meter (or any other torque unit of your choice) of screw assemblies, threaded fasteners, locking nuts etc.

In the example above we are using the ForceBoard’s torque fixture which is available as an accessory.

It’s also possible to use any type of bracket, custom fixture or similar by fixing via the M4 thread and the elevated edge integrated in the ForceBoard’s top mounting plate.

The built-in torque tester capability is another powerful example of the versatility in the ForceBoard™ system.