PPS Plasma power supply

The PPS range of plasma power supplies are dedicated to exact control of technological plasma applications. Equally suited to R & D and production tasks alike they deliver up to 500W (or 1000W in the case of the PPS30) to drive various processes including magnetron sputtering and surface cleaning and activation.

Featuring the latest in design electronics standards, the PPS plasma power supply combines exceptional stability and with user friendly features such as “Easy control” which allows control via mobile devices and through the internet. The PPS10 is a universal DC power supply which delivers up to 500W and features voltage, current or power control modes.  The PPS20 features a variable frequency (40 – 150kHz) modulated output (Pulsed-DC), with adjustable pulse width 10…50%, and a fully adjustable amplitude setting between 10…1000V.  The PPS30 model is an extended version for applications up to 1000W.



PPS Plasma power supply FEATURES:

  • Operating mode: DC (PPS10), variable frequency pulse-DC (PPS20 and PPS30)
  • Two high-voltage outputs – the ability to support two independent magnetrons without having to use an external switch
  • Fast response arc detection/suppression
  • Switched control methods (I, V, P) for maximum performance,
  • The ability to connect one active vacuum measuring head (optional)
  • Transparent interface with OLED display and desk light identification parameters
  • Built-in timer
  • Stable power operation from just 2W,
  • High acceptance output impedance -­­­­­ ability to work with magnetrons of different sizes,
  • Suitable for working with one or two magnetrons
  • User-friendly interface with OLED display, ke­­­ypad and rotary encoder