Plasma Cleaners

Plasma cleaning delivers an ultra-fine surface preparation with only air or oxygen as the process gas, although our range of cleaners is compatible with many other gases too. This means an inherently environmentally friendly technique with no waste chemicals, offering a real alternative to both aqueous and  solvent based cleaning techniques.

Our range of plasma cleaners  are available with various options, such as single or multiple gas inlets, multiple loading trays and rotary drum chambers, making them suitable for many requirements. Our experts have years of experience with different applications and system options and will help you to configure a unit for your exact needs. If you are looking for a robust, trusted plasma cleaner, our range should provide an excellent starting point.

configuration options:

  • Lab/process scale plasma cleaner chamber volumes starting from 100mm diameter
  • Industrial scale plasma cleaners for large parts/high throughput
  • Multiple shelf configurations
  • Easy to use TFT software control
  • Continuously variable power output