Atmospheric Plasma Torch for Surface Treatment

The Cirrus atmospheric plasma torch is utilised to improve the adhesion characteristics of a wide range of materials.

It is a compact standalone instrument which delivers a continuous plume (8-10mm wide) of active plasma gas to the surface and can easily be integrated with assembly/production lines with or without robot handling. The Cirrus operates with compressed air and doesn’t require any special gases or other services. A rear panel sub-D connector allows start/stop triggering of the plasma via an external signal supplied by the line.

In-line Plasma Activation of:

  • Polymers
  • Metal
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Hybrid materials


Atmospheric Plasma Applicators

The functionality of the Cirrus and Nimbus has been extended by the introduction of three new application specific nozzle attachments. These are user replaceable and can be supplied with a new system order or for retro-fitting to any existing system.



The ‘Mode’ nozzle is standard and suits 95% of all plasma pre-treatment applications

Plasma Treatment Applicator Mode



Our ‘Finite’ nozzle is best suited to confined areas or where a longer reach is needed, for example when treating channels or spaces between components.

Plasma Treatment Applicator Finite



The ‘Scope’ nozzle produces a ‘curtain plume’ suitable for wider treatment areas and where multiple passes are not practical.

Plasma Treatment Applicator Scope



  • fast, localised atmospheric plasma pre-treatment of parts prior to bonding
  • ultra-fine atmospheric plasma cleaning
  • surface activation with atmospheric plasma
  • highest quality treatments
  • localised treatments
  • very low operation cost & easy integration with automated lines