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The Automotive Industry and Plasma Treatment

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IAC Group choose Henniker Plasma. IAC Group are a leading global supplier of automotive interior components and systems serving all of the multinational automotive OEMs. We are proud to announce that after fully evaluating a range of suppliers, IAC Group chose Henniker for it’s newest production plasma treatment system. The Plasma Treater will be used in one of the group’s European production facilities to improve the adhesion of car interior parts prior to the foaming process.

Plasma Surface Activation

A scientific illustration of a contaminated part during plasma surface activation

Plasma surface activation is effective at altering the surface of a polymer by attaching polar or functional groups to it. Many polymers, in particular polyolefins such as polyethylene and polypropylene, are chemically inert and cannot bond easily to other materials, displaying poor adhesion with inks, paint and glues. The reason for this is the absence of polar and reactive functional groups in their structure.

Plasma surface activation renders many polymers receptive to bonding agents and coatings. Oxygen is usually used as the process gas, however, many plasma activations can also be carried out with just ambient air. Parts remain active for a few minutes up to several months, depending on the particular material that has been plasma treated. Polypropylene for example can still be reprocessed several weeks after treatment.

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